Karen Booth Adams, CEO/Angel, HTH Karen Booth Adams
"We look for that quality in the management team. I call it the dog with the bone. Are they going to have the business on their mind 24/7. Are they the type of person who can't turn it off.....
[more in her section describing what she looks for in an investment - a passionate entrepreneur]


Tim Chang, VC, Mayfield Fund
Tim Chang
".......I tend to look for things where I have some domain expertise and can bring some unfair advantage to those companies, and then also look for, like I said, those three Ts.......
[ more in his section explaining his thesis based investing strategy on traction, theme & team]

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Scott Friend,VC, Bain Capital Ventures
".....There’s nothing preventing someone else from replicating it, and you’re betting entirely on this person’s ability to build a brand, which, at a minimum, is going to take an immense amount of capital with no guarantee that it really catches on.” [& more in his section discussing 'no intellectual property' as a turnoff/red flag]